I'm so grateful for the extremely illuminating reading you did for me! The numerology blueprint completely blew me away in terms of how much it explains how I've lived my life to date and the decisions I've made that truly came from the core of who I am, my destiny and my soul's purpose. Knowing, as you said, the incredible power and vibration in my blueprint gives me a boost in confidence that my chosen path at this point, while quite challenging to my human self, is Divinely guided and blessed. I couldn't have been happier about the synchronicity that introduced you to me. Thank you so much for sharing your gift of intuition--along with your gentleness and cadence that resonate greatly with me--to provide such illumination for me! With Love and Gratitude, Alice Mark is a very gifted and talented numerologist and psychic and a very gentle and kind human being. I loved my reading by him and the energy it conveyed. It was precisely what I needed at this time - his guidance was specific, yet gentle and loving. I feel so much calmer now, the rush to beat an internally set deadline is gone and I'm confident that the situation will work itself out for my highest and greatest good. Mark's numerology blueprint reading was very detailed and very, very interesting - it shed a new light on my personality and allowed me to better understand and ultimately, be more forgiving toward certain aspects of myself that are in opposition to each other. It allowed me to embrace the parts of myself that make me unique and also be conscious and forgiving of myself when I am experiencing the flip-side of some of my repeating numbers. I was reassured by him that my numbers are working to complement each other and that they are what they are for a very specific purpose. Lisa, San Francisco CA

" Mark Vincent is one of the most genuine, compassionate and no nonsense readers that I have come across in a long time. Managing to not only answer your questions directly but also give good advice on how to deal with upcoming issues, I can highly recommend him to all."
Rhiannon Faulkner author, medium and faith healer

Hi Mark
I want to thank you for the numerology/tarot reading you did for me last week.
Using numerology and tarot together is not something I have tried before and I would highly recommend it.
I found it created a reading with so much more depth and understanding. The things that came up in the reading made a lot of sense and the reading was done with such a genuine and open heart. Since the reading I have been taking into consideration the things we discussed and have found that in the space of a week things have really shifted for me already. Having the understanding of the possibilities that lie ahead and remembering to listen to my intuition more than my head has already created many positive outcomes. You were spot on when you said I over analyse situations and being more aware of just that, has brought me far more inner peace than a week ago! And that was just one area of the reading! I also felt that I had received some healing at the same time, powerful stuff. It was great that you offered me the opportunity to get in touch over the following few days if I had any questions that came up as a result of the reading I had with you.  A nice touch, that often you don't get. All in all a very powerful, genuine and eye opening experience that I would highly recommend to anyone considering a tarot, and/or a numerology reading who is happy to receive some healing thrown in!! Great. Many thanks Mark. I look forward to regular readings with you in the future.
Wishing you much success.
Love Poppie x
Client UK

I cannot thank you enough for my reading, the use of numerology with tarot brought lots more depth and dimension to the reading, my numerology was soo scarily spot on, I felt you had insight to my mind and personality.
The questioned that you answered were like you knew the situation and had great practical advice regarding tackling my issues. You have a great gift. I can't thank you enough :) I will definitely be recommending you to friends and if you want to use this testimonial please feel free. Will definitely be a repeat customer :)
Thanks again and best wishes,
Client UK