About Me

Mark Vincent numerologist and tarot with numerology, brings old wisdom in to the lives of the people he comes  in to contact with.

I lost my eye sight in a bomb explosion when I was five years old. The loss of physical sight has been my most nurturing teacher, through out my life. This perceived loss opened me up to inner sight, in a very heart felt manner. I am deeply humbled to have such awareness, touch by conversations with the universe itself. My daily joy is to share and guide with others the beauty of this world we live in. To share and guide each one of you that I come in contact with to the universe inside of you. This is done through a very practical spiritual skill set, bringing all the previously unimagined awareness up close and personal. Letting the wisdom of our emotions and our obsessive thoughts lead the way  is something I have a great interest in. Yes, we have these thoughts and feelings for a very empowering reason. The intuition that comes from listening to these thoughts and feelings, is simply breath taking. Watch the below video, in which I talk about spiritual being meets spiritual doing.